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What is the YETI shipping & returns policy?

For our full Shipping & Returns Policy, please click here.

Does YETI ship to a P.O. box?

YETI ships FedEx Ground within the continental U.S. & Alaska. FedEx Ground currently does not ship to a P.O. Box, and we ask that you place a street address in the ship-to field.

Where is my order?

You can check your domestic order status and details by using our Order Status Form or by logging in to your account.

Use this link to track your international order.

Will I receive a notification or a tracking number when my order ships?

Yes, you will. When your package is scanned by our shipping provider, it automatically sends you an email with the tracking number included. If you have any questions, please call our customer service team at 1-512-394-9384.

I can't find the product I'm looking for on the YETI website.

Please contact our customer service team at 1-512-394-9384.

Where can I buy YETI?

We have a number of dealers throughout the United States and worldwide. Contact YETI for assistance locating a dealer near you at 1-512-394-9384 or buy through our website.



Today, YETI ships internationally to select countries though our partnership with Borderfree. To access the International country selector, or for a list of available shipping countries and shopping currencies, click on the upper right-hand corner of the website to select your flag and currency. Once a country is selected, product prices will appear in the local currency and order totals will be populated to include international shipping costs.


Can my order be delivered internationally?

Yes, it can. Through our partnership with Borderfree, we are able to provide an international shopping experience for customers in 220 countries and territories, and we plan to expand our international services in the future. As an international shopper, you now get the benefit of seeing product prices in your local currency, guaranteed order totals at checkout with no hidden fees, cost-effective international shipping, and much more. For a list of available shipping countries and shopping currencies, please visit our international landing page.

What is Borderfree?

Borderfree provides a global ecommerce solution for our international shoppers. By partnering with them, we can now provide product prices in the currency of your choice, aggressive international shipping costs, and the lowest possible guaranteed order total. The Borderfree solution allows us to serve the best possible shopping experience to our international customers, so you can always buy from us with certainty.

How will I know how much my order will cost?

Add items to your basket and click select to check out. Borderfree will calculate and display the order total in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from our warehouse(s) in the United States to your selected international destination, as well as any applicable duties and taxes imposed by Customs and revenue authorities in the destination country.

Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

As long as you select to prepay duties and taxes, the order total presented at checkout is the exact amount you’ll be billed by Borderfree, and there will be no additional costs due upon delivery.

What currencies does Borderfree support?

Currently, Borderfree supports billing in more than 60 currencies, with more being added on an ongoing basis. Click here to view and select from a list of our supported currencies. Once you confirm your preferences, you will be able to see products priced in your selected currency.

I live in the United States. Can I use Borderfree to ship an order internationally but pay in USD?

Yes, Borderfree supports international gift-giving, in that you can receive a guaranteed order total for an order that is shipping internationally, but pay in USD using a United States credit card. This also works if you’re traveling or living abroad.

What payment options does Borderfree support?

Currently, Borderfree supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, JCB, and China UnionPay, with additional payment options coming soon.

What are my international shipping options?

The following is a summary of delivery promises for our international orders. You will be quoted a specific delivery promise at the time of checkout that is based on your selected destination country and the shipping methods available for the items in your shopping cart.

Destination Delivery Promise
Canada 1-12 business days
United Kingdom 2-6 business days
Australia and New Zealand 3-7 business days
Ireland 2-10 business days
Mexico 2-6 business days
Central America and the Caribbean 2-7 business days
Europe 2-8 business days

How much does international shipping cost?

There's a lot that goes into international shipping, like desired shipping speed, the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country. International shipping will be calculated and guaranteed during the Borderfree international checkout based on the items you are purchasing and your shipping destination.

When am I billed?

Your credit card will be billed by Borderfree when your international order is shipped.

How much duty and taxes are charged on international orders?

Duties (or Customs tariffs) are set by the destination country Customs authorities and determined based on a combination of the country of origin (manufacturing) of the goods being purchased and the classification of that merchandise in accordance with a harmonized system adopted and used by the countries that Borderfree supports. International taxes (such as Value Added Tax, or VAT) are set by the destination country. You will be able to view the guaranteed total amount of applicable duty and tax/VAT for your order within the Borderfree international checkout.

Are there any items that cannot ship to my country because they are restricted?

If for some reason there are any items that cannot be exported from the United States or imported into your destination country selection, Borderfree will notify you during the checkout process.

Do you ship to military addresses?

Orders shipping to military addresses should go through our domestic checkout, as they are not subject to the same costs and logistics flows as our other international orders. To do this, you should shop as if shipping to an address within the United States.

How can I track my international order?

You can track the progress of your international package(s) here.

What will my credit card statement say?

Your credit card will be billed by Borderfree and your credit card statement will read “BF*YETI". “BF” denotes the Borderfree network.

Who should I contact if I have questions relating to my order after I have made a purchase?

Please contact us at 1-512-394-9384 or email us at We will gladly assist you with any questions related to your international order.

Can I purchase or redeem international gift cards?

At this time, we do not currently support the sale of gift cards to international customers or the redemption of gift cards for international orders.

What is your return policy for international orders?

YETI accepts international returns for products damaged during the shipping process or those items covered by YETI Warranty. Please call us at 1-512-394-9384 or email us

Can I register for an account?

At this time, YETI does not allow for international addresses in our accounts. Please use a U.S. address for account set up.

Can I register my cooler?

At this time, YETI does not allow for international addresses in our registration system. Please use a U.S. address for account set up. Your Tundra, Hopper, or TANK is still covered by the YETI Warranty even without registering the cooler online.

Order Tracking

Use this link to track your international order.


YETI does not accept exchanges for international orders. Returns will be accepted for products damaged during shipment or those products under warranty.


YETI only accepts returns for Tundra, TANK, and LoadOut products damaged during shipment and warranty issues. The YETI Tundra, TANK, and LoadOut come with a 5 year manufacturing defect warranty.


YETI only accepts returns for Hopper and Panga products damaged during shipment and warranty issues. The YETI Hopper and Panga come with a 3 year manufacturing defect warranty.


YETI only accepts returns for Rambler products damaged during shipment and warranty issues. The YETI Rambler series come with a 3 year manufacturing defect warranty.


YETI only accepts returns for items damaged during shipment and warranty issues. T-shirts and hats are not protected by YETI warranty.


What is the YETI warranty policy?

All products manufactured by YETI are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 3-5 years purchased after Jan 1, 2012, activated upon purchase. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty applies only to the original owner. This warranty is void if the cooler is used commercially (a for-profit business), structurally altered, or subjected to stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. Normal wear and tear is not warranted. This warranty does not include any manufacturer responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the cooler.

Click here for details on warranty process and to submit a claim.


How did the company get the name ‘YETI’?

The YETI (abominable snowman) is the legendary ice monster from the frigid lands of perpetual snow in the Himalayas. Despite years of searching by Sir Edmund Hillary and his crew of Sherpa mountain guides, firm proof of the YETI’s existence remains elusive. Like the YETI, these products are tough, hard-wearing, and adapted to harsh environments. We may not have found the YETI, but we make a really great outdoor gear.

How can I contact YETI?

U.S. customers can send us a message here.

International customers can email us at

Prefer to hear a friendly voice? Call us at 1-512-394-9384 Monday – Friday 8AM – 5:30PM CT.

What are the YETI hours?

Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5:30PM CT

How can I get a job at YETI?

Apply for our open positions here to find out more.

Where Are YETI Products Manufactured?

Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines. Our Hopper coolers, Panga duffels, and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China. The LoadOut 5 gallon bucket is manufactured in South Carolina.

What is proposition 65 and how does it relate to YETI?

In 1986, California voters approved an initiative to address growing concerns about exposure to certain chemicals, which requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of chemicals in products. This warning appears on certain YETI products in the form of the sticker or notice on the product for our California consumers.


What is a YETI® Tundra® Cooler?

The YETI Tundra was created to solve the age-old problem of subpar coolers failing in the field. Tired of busted latches, bowed-in lids, and melted ice, brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders set out to make a superior hunting and fishing cooler — and YETI was born.

Tundra and Roadie® coolers are rotomolded, which is the same process used to create whitewater kayaks. And we designed the coolers to keep ice longer — a lot longer — by pumping them with over twice the insulation compared to most ordinary ice chests. The result is a cooler family with a dramatic durability and ice retention advantage over most any other cooler on the market.

Tundras are great for hunting, sport-fishing, camping, boating, rafting, tailgating, paddling, and barbecuing. Oh, and beer drinking, too. There’s even the Tundra 250 and 350 for commercial uses, like oil & gas, construction, and medical industries. The Roadie is BYOB’s new best friend. Roadie and select Tundra sizes are available in color ways including classic white, desert tan, ice blue, and limited edition colors.

What does rotomolded mean?

The rotational molding (also known as rotomold) process is a high-temperature, low-pressure plastic forming process that uses heat and biaxial rotation (i.e., rotation on two axes) to produce hollow, one-piece parts. The YETI cooler mold is loaded with polyethylene in powder form. The mold is then placed in a large oven while it rotates on two axes at different speeds, which helps prevent powder from accumulating in one spot. The polyethylene melts and adheres evenly to the wall of the mold. Once the polyethylene is melted, the molds are pulled out of the oven to cool. And once cool, the ice chest is then removed from the mold. It’s kind of like a huge, spinning Easy-Bake Oven that cranks out coolers instead of cakes.

The process has inherent design strengths, such as consistent wall thickness and strong outside corners that are virtually stress-free. The rotational molding process gives the coolers one-piece construction and unmatched durability.

How strong are Tundra coolers?

Our coolers are stronger than this grizzly and this guy. They also survived battles with fireworks, a slingshot, and a stuntman excursion. So we’d say pretty damn strong.

What does “Grizzly-Resistant” Mean?

Our hard-sided coolers were tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC), a U.S. Forest Service Department of Agriculture Committee that works in both controlled and wild settings with grizzly bears.

The IGBC publishes minimum design and structural standards, inspection and testing methodology for bear-resistant containers. YETI Tundra met the IGBC requirement both in the engineered test and the live bear test. The IGBC officially approved the YETI Tundra and Roadie for use on public lands and national parks occupied by grizzlies.

How long will YETI Tundra hold ice?

There are many variables that will affect ice retention, so this is a difficult question for us to answer. Variables that can affect ice retention include the ice quality, ice quantity, type of ice (crushed, block, cube, dry), outside environment, exposure to direct sunlight, etc. Which is to say there’s a lot you can do to affect the longevity of your ice.

Over the years, we’ve received many different reports from YETI users in the field regarding ice retention. Some customers have reported having ice after their two-week trip on the river while others have said that their “crappy brand X cooler will hold ice better.”

Because of the large number of variables, as well as the lack of an industry standard for measuring ice retention, claims that place a definite time (5, 10, 14 days) are often based on testing conditions and not real-life situations.

In the end, the Tundra offers up to 3 inches of polyurethane foam insulation, combined with a freezer-style sealing gasket. Beyond that, everything else is out of our control. But if you can minimize the negative variables that affect ice retention, YETI coolers can’t be beat. And we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to maximize ice retention.

Can I use dry ice in my Tundra?

Absolutely! The thickness of the walls, coupled with the amount of insulation make Tundra dry ice–compatible. See our instructions on how to use dry ice with your Tundra.

When I threw a bag of ice in my Tundra and my cheap cooler, the ice lasted longer in my cheap cooler. Why?

A small amount of ice is not a good indicator of how well your ice chest can retain ice due to excess air space within the cooler. Excess air space hurts ice retention. To maximize ice retention, fill your cooler to the top with ice and products. In addition, if the ice chest starts out warm, a small amount of ice could initially melt faster in a YETI cooler than a thinner-walled cooler.

Best ice retention results are achieved by filling the ice chest completely with high-quality ice, which means using block ice that’s well below freezing temperature. In addition, maximum ice retention can be attained by pre-chilling your cooler. This will sufficiently cool the insulation and inside of the cooler, which helps the thick polyurethane walls work for you, not against you.

YETI Tundras have up to 3 inches of polyurethane foam insulation, which is significantly more than most common ice chests. If you use enough ice to chill the walls, YETI will most definitely outperform the competition.

Will my YETI keep my hot items hot?

You might be surprised to read this, but YES. The same insulation and thick walls that keep the cooler cold also keep the heat.

What size Tundra should I buy?

For a full size breakdown, please see our dimension chart for measurements and capacity.

The Tundra series matches closely (usually within an inch) with many popular coolers that have been on the market for years. However, the quart size of the Tundra will be a bit lower due to the thickness of the walls and amount of insulation. Another thing to consider when choosing a size is that you want to fill the cooler with as much ice as possible, minimizing air space to achieve maximum ice retention. So if you only have a small number of items to keep cool, you would want to choose a smaller ice chest and vice versa. Pretty simple idea, but check out our rough guidelines for finding the appropriate size coolers for your needs.

  • Roadie

    • Personal, portable cooler for the truck or car

    • Great for jobsite or construction lunch box

    • Compatible for canoe, kayak, or paddleboard

  • Tundra 35

    • Portable and easy to carry fully loaded

    • Great backseat companion in truck, car, SUV, or 4-wheeler

    • Easily fits in larger kayaks and is ideal for SUPs

    • Can be used as casting platform for smaller boats

  • Tundra 45

    • Our all-purpose cooler, ideal for overnight camping trips

    • Can be carried by one person

    • Fits great on off-road vehicles

    • Easily used as casting platform

  • Tundra 50

    • Designed for tailgating

    • Can be carried by one person

    • Deeper than other Tundra models so you can stack several layers of contents

    • Perfect size to fit in standard-sized tube for floating the river

  • Tundra 65

    • Great for small gatherings and weekend events

    • Versatile use options, like tailgating, fishing, and hunting

    • Can hold keeper redfish or a quartered whitetail deer

    • Easily carried by one person

    • Works as a bay boat casting platform

  • Tundra 75

    • Perfect boat or marine cooler and is designed to fit under most leaning posts

    • Can be used as seat in front of center console

    • Also good for tailgates, family barbecues, or a day at the beach

  • Tundra 105

    • Good for extended hunting or fishing trips

    • Taller design allows for stackable layers of cold contents and extended ice retention for longer trips

    • Can be used as a seat in front of center console

    • Takes two people to carry

    • Sits in bed of pickup with clearance for bed cover

  • Tundra 110

    • Specifically designed for rafting community and fits all standard raft frames

    • Built to hold food and drink supplies for multi-day expeditions on the river

    • Great marine or hunting cooler as well

  • Tundra 125

    • Fits a quartered deer or several limits of redfish, snapper, trout

    • Great for extended family vacations or camping trips

  • Tundra 160

    • Ideal for larger offshore species (tuna, wahoo, mackerel)

    • Great for extended hunting or fishing trips

  • Tundra 210

    • Holds 140 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio

    • Perfect for extended hunting or fishing trips

    • Taller body makes for higher capacity while still maintaining small footprint

  • Tundra 250

    • Works as an offshore fishing cooler or big game cooler

    • Can be a large beer trough for big party or tailgate

    • Also stands in as an athlete ice bath

  • Tundra 350

    • Works as an offshore fishing cooler or big game cooler for giant hauls

    • Great for loading and transporting whole hogs

    • Largest Tundra in the series

How many cans will fit in my Tundra?

Using 12 oz. cans as the measurement, you can see how each of the Tundras stack up in terms of carrying capacity, using the recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.

  • Roadie 20 – 14 cans
  • Tundra 35 – 20 cans
  • Tundra 45 – 26 cans
  • Tundra 50 – 32 cans
  • Tundra 65 – 39 cans
  • Tundra 75 – 50 cans
  • Tundra 105 – 59 cans
  • Tundra 110 – 65 cans
  • Tundra 125 – 81 cans
  • Tundra 160 – 100 cans
  • Tundra 210 – 140 cans
  • Tundra 250 – 155 cans
  • Tundra 350 – 222 cans

How do I clean my Tundra?

For general cleaning we recommend using soap and warm water.

For a more thorough cleansing and problems with strong odors, use a solution of warm water and bleach (6:1 ratio) with a sponge or mildly abrasive rag. Odors can easily get trapped in hard to reach areas such as around the gasket and drain plug, so be sure to thoroughly scrub those areas.

For tough stains and very foul odors we would recommend cleaning your YETI with a high pressure soap spray found at a local do-it yourself car wash.

How do I change out my Tundra gasket?

Call us at 1-512-394-9384 to order a new gasket then watch the video below.

How do I change out my Tundra T-Latches?

Call us at 1-512-394-9384 to order new T-Latches then watch the video below.

Yep, you absolutely can. Customized Tundra coolers are available through our Custom Logo program. YETI’s custom logos are permanent, and they will not peel or fade once bonded to the cooler. Visit our Custom Logo page and fill out your logo order form to get started.

We also offer a variety of collegiate coolers. Click here to see the entire collection.


What is a YETI Hopper™?

It’s the ice-for-days, tough-as-nails soft cooler. The YETI Hopper is built to go the extra mile with its extremely portable design and construction. It’s leakproof, puncture-resistant, able to keep ice for days, and ready to hit the trail, boat, or blind. This is one soft cooler that’s anything but.

How long will the Hopper keep ice?

The Hopper, with its welded DryHide™ double-TPU Shell, thick ColdCell™ Insulation, and waterproof HydroLok™ Zipper provides serious cold-holding power. But due to all of the variables that affect ice retention, and because every adventure is different, we believe it is misleading to make specific claims about how long a cooler will hold ice.

If you want to maximize ice retention, check out our ice retention guide.

When I threw a bag of ice in my Hopper and my cheap cooler, the ice lasted longer in my cheap cooler. Why?

Just like the Tundra, the Hopper is designed to keep ice colder longer, but there are many variables that can affect your ice. This includes the ice quality, ice quantity, type of ice (crushed, block, cube, dry), outside environment, exposure to direct sunlight, etc. Because of the extensive factors and no industry standard for ice retention, we don’t make specific claims about how long your ice will last in the Hopper. But we’ve done extensive testing on how to make your ice last longer, with everything from using rock salt to pre-chilling your cooler.

If you want to make the most out of your ice retention, please view our ice retention guide.

What size Hopper should I buy?

The Hopper was engineered for portability. Any size is the perfect on-the-go cooler for kayaking, floating the river, or short camping trips. Something to consider when choosing a size is that ideally you would want to fill the cooler with as much ice as possible, minimizing air space to achieve maximum ice retention. Therefore, if you only have a small number of items to keep cool, you would want to choose a smaller cooler or vice versa.

Please see our dimension chart for measurements and capacity.

How many cans will fit in my Hopper?

With plenty of ice to help chill your drinks, here is the number of 12 oz. cans that will fit inside the YETI Hopper. Ideally you want to have an ice-to-contents ratio of at least 2:1 (reflected in the below quantity).

  • Hopper Flip 8 - 6 cans
  • Hopper Flip 12 - 12 cans
  • Hopper Flip 18 - 16 cans
  • Hopper Two 20 – 18 cans
  • Hopper Two 30 – 24 cans
  • Hopper Two 40 – 36 cans

How do I clean my Hopper?

A mixture of dish soap and water should do the trick. Rinse with fresh water and then thoroughly wipe the inside dry with a cloth or paper towel. Leave the HydroLok™ Zipper open for several days to ensure all moisture has dried. Taking care of your HydroLok Zipper is also extremely important. Each Hopper comes with a small tube of lubricant. Make sure you apply this lubricant following cleaning, before storage, and anytime the zipper feels stiff. Make sure your zipper is always free of dirt, grim, or other debris for maximum performance and life.

Always store your Hopper in the fully closed position, making sure the inside is completely dry.

WARNING: Do not machine wash. Do not dry in an oven or clothes dryer.

How To Clean Your YETI Hopper

What options and accessories are available for my Hopper?

Accessorize your Hopper with the flexibility of the HitchPoint™ Grid. Easily fasten bottle openers, carabiners, key chains, or accessories such as the YETI SideKick™ Gear Case through the nylon strapping. You can also outfit your Hopper with the MOLLE Bottle Opener and MOLLE Zinger.

For a complete list, please visit our Hopper Accessories page.

Why is my Hopper so stiff and hard to open?

Like a good pair of boots or a quality baseball glove, the Hopper takes a little time to break in. The extremely durable materials of the Hopper can make it feel rigid when first put into action. Loading and unloading contents will become easier as the materials relax with use.

The HydroLok Zipper is the best cooler zipper in the world, and with a little care and maintenance can last a lifetime. We recommend long-term storage with the zipper in the fully closed position to help protect the U-Dock™ seal. We also recommend regular application of the included zipper lubricant — especially when putting into storage — by carefully applying the lube to the U-Dock front, back, and inside.


What is a YETI Rambler™?

YETI Ramblers are over-engineered, 18/8 stainless Tumblers, Bottles, Colsters®, and Jugs designed with double-wall vacuum insulation and a No Sweat™ Design. The Tumblers will keep your soda, beer, smoothie, or mixed drinks cold twice as long as plastic cups. The Colster is like a steel bear hug for your cans and bottles, while its Load-and-Lock™ Gasket keeps your drink in its place. The Bottles go wherever there’s a need for ice-cold or piping-hot beverages. Their Over-the-Nose™ Technology makes for easy loading, drinking, and cleaning. And their TripleHaul™ Caps are 100% leakproof and comfortable to grip.

How long will my Rambler keep ice?

Due to all the variables that can affect ice retention, we can’t guarantee a precise amount of time that your Rambler will hold ice. However, more ice is better when it comes to your Rambler Tumblers or Bottles. We suggest filling your Rambler with as much ice as possible.

Ice is melting in my Rambler as quickly as a solo cup. Why?

We designed the Rambler Tumblers and Bottles to live up to the YETI standard, which means unbeatable durability and unparalleled ice retention. If you feel like your Rambler is underperforming, reach out about your YETI Warranty. We take pride in the products we make. If anything is wrong, we’ll make it right. Read up on our Warranty Policy to determine if a Warranty Claim is necessary.

What size Rambler should I buy?

Rambler Size Chart

How many ounces will fit in my Rambler?

Rambler Size Chart

How do I clean my Rambler?

The Rambler Tumblers, Lowball, and Bottles are all dishwasher safe. You can also clean your Rambler with dish soap and warm water. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners. For a more thorough clean, remove gaskets, wash, and dry separately before reinstalling.

Rambler Bottle Gaskets

Rambler Tumbler Gaskets

Can I get my Rambler customized?

Yes, through the official customization services at YETI Custom Shop. The YETI-approved process called Laser Marking, creates a permanent finish on the exterior of the Rambler. This process creates the most premium, durable finish that won’t scratch, fade, or peel off over time. It will also keep your 5-year warranty intact and ensures a quality customization process. Any Rambler products hydro-dipped or powder coated by a third party are void of their YETI warranty.

Start your customization today online or email them directly.

We also offer a variety of collegiate Ramblers. Click here to see the entire collection.

What options and accessories are available for Rambler?

Currently, the Rambler series has Straw Lids and MagSlider Lids to outfit your Tumbler, with Replacement Lids and Load-and-Lock™ Gaskets if you misplace yours. We also have Straw Caps, Chug Caps, and TripleHaul Caps for your Rambler Bottles. If you have a Rambler Jug, you can fasten it to your work truck, ATV, boat, or trailer with a Jug Mount. Most Rambler sizes are available in DuraCoat colors including olive green, seafoam, Tahoe blue, black, brick red, and limited edition colors including pink.

For a complete list, please visit our Rambler Accessories page.

What is a MagSlider Lid?

We're glad you asked. Built for our Rambler tumblers, this closable lid harnesses the power of magnets to help protect against splashes on the go. Hear more about what makes the MagSlider so special here.

Is there a warranty on the MagSlider Lid?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a 5-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty applies to only the original owner and is void if the product is used commercially, structurally altered, or subjected to stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. Normal wear and tear is not warrantied.

Does my Rambler lid close?

Using the power of magnets, your MagSlider Lid absolutely closes.

How do I clean my MagSlider Lid?

Cleaning the MagSlider Lid is not only dishwasher safe, but is easy to clean by hand. Just pop off the MagSlider, rinse it off and return to the Slider Lid. That's it!

Can I purchase the MagSlider magnet part separately?

Currently we do not offer the magnet component separately.

I purchased a Rambler Tumbler but it didn't come with a MagSlider Lid. Can I get one now?

We're glad to hear you're excited about the new MagSlider Lid. All Rambler 20 and 30 oz Tumbler orders going forward from July 19 will include this lid. Unfortunately, we aren't able to replace lids for orders that were already shipped.


What is a YETI Panga Submersible Duffel?

It’s the airtight submersible gear fortress you can haul anywhere. The Panga Submersible Duffel is YETI’s first non-insulated piece of gear that lives up to the standard of being built for the wild. It’s designed for extended backcountry trips, fly fishing adventures in far off places, whitewater trips down the biggest rivers, or any adventure where you need to keep gear dry and protected.

What does submersible mean?

Submersible means this bag is absolutely airtight — nothing gets in, no gear goes out. We tested the Panga extensively, including submerging it underwater at a depth of one meter for roughly 30 minutes, to ensure it will keep your gear dry. We want to make sure you continue to have the same performance adventure after adventure, so we recommend testing your Panga at home before taking off into the wild. To test the airtight seal, close the zipper completely and place pressure onto the bag. Listen for any air that might have broken the seal or material. If you hear or notice any air leaks, make sure zipper is fully closed and then test again. If the leak persists, please contact our Outfitter team at 1-512-394-9384 and they’ll help get you sorted out.

How strong are Panga duffels?

Strong. The ThickSkin™ Shell material, EVA molded bottom, MetalLock™ Hardware, reinforced QuickGrab™ Lash Points, and HydroLok™ Zipper (which you can also find on the Hopper™ coolers) are all tested to exceed the worst we could throw at these duffels. This includes going overboard, packing-in, pitching camp, and making it home again in one piece.

Is the Panga insulated?

Nope. The Panga is not a cooler and has no insulating properties. It is a gear bag that will keep you gear dry and protected for any expedition you want to go on.

What size Panga should I buy?

Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out which size will work for you.

Panga Duffle Size Chart

What can I pack in my Panga?

Anything you want to keep dry and away from the elements, with the exclusion of food and drink — use a Tundra® or Hopper for that. We use it for waders, clean clothes, decoys, ammunition, jackets, fly rods, and any other gear we want to stash when we’re off the grid.

How do I clean my Panga?

A mixture of dish soap and water will do the trick. Rinse with fresh water and then thoroughly wipe the inside dry with a cloth or paper towel. Leave the HydroLok Zipper open for several days to ensure all moisture has dried. Taking care of your HydroLok Zipper is also extremely important. Each Panga comes with a small tube of lubricant. Make sure you apply this lubricant following cleaning, before storage, and anytime the zipper feels stiff. Make sure your zipper is always free of dirt, grime, or other debris for maximum performance and life. Always store your Panga in the fully closed position, making sure the inside is completely dry.

Is the Panga TSA-certified to carry on?

The Panga 50 is carry-on compatible for most airlines. Each airline has their own policy so please check before traveling with your Panga. When traveling, keep in mind that the Panga’s HydroLok Zipper does not have a lock or locking mechanism.


What is a YETI LoadOut Bucket?

The LoadOut Bucket is the overbuilt, five-gallon addition to the marina, ranch, blind, or wherever else rugged storage is a necessity.

How strong are LoadOut buckets?

Really damn strong. The LoadOut Bucket walls are twice as thick as conventional buckets and are made out of rigid HDPE plastic. They’re built not to bow, break down, or crack, even with impact.

Is the LoadOut insulated?

Nope. The LoadOut Bucket not intended to keep your food or drinks cold.

Is the LoadOut food safe?

Yep. We first got the idea of the LoadOut Bucket at a crawfish boil years ago. We knew then that it needed to be able to haul fried chicken, sunflower seeds, and any other food we needed to get from here to there. So while the LoadOut Bucket is not insulated, it is food safe for anything you need to store.

Do LoadOut Buckets stack?

Yep, and unlike other buckets, condensation and pressure will never build up between buckets when stacked, which means they’ll always separate easily.

Does the LoadOut have UV protection?

Sure does. UV protection is part of the LoadOut construction. This adds a great deal of long term durability to the product, since extended sun exposure will degrade the wall strength over time.

How do I clean my LoadOut?

Just soap and warm water. Nothing fancy required.

What options and accessories are available for LoadOut?

We have three different accessories to outfit your LoadOut Bucket for whatever the wild has in store.

  • YETI LoadOut Lid – Clear material and unique hex pattern reinforces its structure, making it durable and able to withstand up to 300 lbs. of pressure. Plus, the gasket seal keeps the water out while making it easy to get on and off.
  • YETI LoadOut Caddy – Drop in, durable organizational system with handle that easily pops in to fit with the LoadOut Lid.
  • YETI LoadOut Utility Gear Belt – Make your bucket a grab-and-go tool box. The utility gear belt has four deep pockets for ultimate storage and a secure system to keep your gear belt in its place.

What colors does the LoadOut Bucket come in?

You can find it in white, desert tan, seafoam, and charcoal.

How does the LoadOut perform when filled with hot water?

Perfectly but use caution. Misuse of hot liquid can lead to injury or burns.

What fits inside of the LoadOut?

It’ll hold five gallons of whatever you need to store. We’ve put reels, sunflower seeds, bait, casting nets, spent shells, BBQ sauce, spare tools, and feed in there and it got the job done.

How much does the LoadOut weigh?

4.7lbs when empty.