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We’re proud to offer special pricing for the YETI fans who go the extra mile in their jobs, and deserve gear that does too. With the program, we can help military members and veterans, first responders, and government employees get YETI gear easily with special pricing on select items. With a one-time verification, you may use your personal information, including your verified IDs, at hundreds of integrated partners across the network, including our site.

What are the benefits? maintains all your credentials in one place, so your shopping can go smoothly. Through this verification technology you are able to take advantage of discounts and other online marketplace benefits. Over 400 brands have exclusive offers.

Who benefits from the program?

Military members and veterans, first responders, and government officials. So, if you’re in one of those categories, it benefits you.

Troop ID – You are eligible if any of the below segments apply to you:

  • Active Duty
  • Inactive Reserves
  • National Guard
  • Veterans
  • Retirees

First Responder ID – You are eligible for First Responder ID if any of the below segments apply to you (active or retired):

  • Police Officer
  • Sheriff
  • State Trooper
  • Firefighter
  • Veterans
  • Retirees

How is my personal data protected?

Your privacy is important to YETI and The program promises that only you an share your information and you may delete your account at any time. Privacy is built into the platform and your data is not shared or sold to anyone.

Will it change from the old special pricing model?

At YETI, that means you get 20% off on select YETI products, just like our old discount program.

Can I use my old YETI login and still maintain my discount?

Eligible customers will need to create an account and then will be able to shop with their special pricing. An old login will no longer offer you the same discounted pricing.

How can I set up my account?

Go to to start your account today or, if you have any questions, you can always reach the YETI Outfitter team at 512-394-9384 to speak with someone about the program directly.

What if I have issues with my account?

Please contact the Support team – available 8 AM through midnight EST, 7 days a week to assist at 866-775-4363