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Affirm FAQ

What products qualify for Affirm financing?

Affirm financing is available for the following products:

  • Roadie 20
  • Tundra 35
  • Tundra 45
  • Tundra 65
  • Tundra Haul
  • Tundra 75
  • Tundra 105
  • Tundra 110
  • Tundra 125
  • Tundra 160
  • Tundra 210
  • Tundra 250
  • Tundra 350
  • TANK 45
  • TANK 85
  • Hopper Flip 8
  • Hopper Flip 12
  • Hopper Flip 18
  • Hopper Two 30
  • Hopper BackFlip
  • Panga 50
  • Panga 75
  • Panga 100
  • Panga Backpack 28
  • Tocayo Backpack 26
  • Hondo Base Camp Chair

    Can I have a mixed cart (Ramblers, Tundra, etc.)?

    Affirm financing is available for mixed carts as long as you have a qualifying product within the cart.


    Can I order and finance items that are currently not in stock/not available to ship?

    No. Affirm is only eligible for items that are in stock.


    Is Affirm available for YETI’s discount groups?

    No, only standard orders on are eligible for financing through Affirm.


    Is Affirm available for international orders?

    No, Affirm is not available for international orders at this time.


    Can I edit or cancel an order that has not been processed or shipped but paid with Affirm?

    Please reach out to the YETI Outfitters as quickly as possible to request order revisions.


    Can I place an order over the phone with an Outfitter and still use Affirm?

    No, all Affirm orders must be placed directly on


    How do I set up a refund for an order placed with Affirm?

    Please reach out to the YETI Outfitter team in order to set up a refund.


    Will interest paid be refunded back to me in the event of a refund?

    No, interest paid on each purchase is nonrefundable. Principal will be refunded back.


    Do custom coolers qualify? Collegiate?

    No. Not at this time.


    How quick is the approval process?

    Affirm will make a real time decision for credit approval, roughly 15 seconds.


    When is my first payment to Affirm due?

    The first payment is due 30 days after order is placed.


    Can I order using Affirm without an active email address?

    No, all communication in regards to orders will be sent via email.


    Are any states not eligible for purchasing through Affirm?

    Affirm is not available in Iowa or West Virginia due to their state regulations – Affirm will let you know if they’re unable to offer a loan at this time.