Since this year is anything but traditional, maybe try a new approach to your turkey this Thanksgiving with some recipes from our Ambassadors and friends.



"I moved to Texas from Australia five years ago without any Thanksgiving traditions, so I’ve been lucky enough to create my own. It usually involves a small group so we can focus on the quality of the food instead of quantity. I spatchcock my turkey instead of cooking whole – it may not look as traditional, but it gives a superior result."

- Jess Pryles

Live Fire Cook, Hardcore Carnivore Founder
Location: Austin, TX

Species: RIO GRANDE, Size: 18 – 22 LBS

Download a PDF of the Smoked Wild Turkey with Cranberry Mezcal Glaze Recipe.


"From the cuts to the seasoning, and the way we serve it, this is a recipe that’s been passed down in Gray’s family for generations. We hope you enjoy."

- Lacey Kelly

YETI Ambassador & Fishing Guide
Gray Drummond, Owner & Guide | Florida Outdoor Experience
Location: Chiefland, FL

Species: OSCEOLA, Size: 16 – 20 LBS

Download a PDF of the Smoked Osceola Recipe.


"For me, there are many parallels between Thanksgiving and hunting. Hunting is a time to enjoy the camaraderie of friends and family, and to reflect and be thankful for the many blessings in my life. This recipe is special to me because it ties together my best memories from the past year and gives me the opportunity to share that experience through my food."

- Chris Lilly

YETI Ambassador & Pitmaster
Location: Decatur, AL

Species: EASTERN, Size: 18-26 LBS

Download a PDF of the Smoked Wild Turkey & Andouille Gumbo Recipe.


"Camille harvested our mature Merriam’s in late April. It was textbook run-and-gun hunting in the hill country of Montana. Frying our ‘Friendsgiving Day’ turkey has been a staple in our friend group for years. This simple and effective injection marinade is a sure-fire way to leave your friends and family passed out on the couch, begging for leftovers."

- Camille Egdorf

YETI Ambassador & Fly Fishing Guide
Matt McCormick, Waterfowl Hunter | Photographer
Location: Bozeman, MT

Species: MERRIAM’S, Size: 18-24 LBS

Download a PDF of the Fried Montana Merriam’s Recipe.

Turkey Illustrations By

Ryan Kirby

Recipe Illustrations By

Narda Lebo