Here at YETI, we’re doing everything we can to support frontline heroes, small business owners, and loyal road crews hit hard by COVID-19. We can’t thank ‘em enough for all they do, have done, and will continue to do.


We gave breweries 3,000 original, cold-keeping Colster® Can Insulators to give away with their curbside beer orders. Even in the face of adversity, these independent brewers were able to quickly switch gears and take beer service from the taproom to the great outdoors. Look up your local breweries to see who’s offering delivery or curbside to-go orders. And if you’re not ready to leave home quite yet — we totally get it. Hopping online and stocking up on their merch is a great way to give back from your humble abode.


Our Innovation Center in Austin, Texas, quickly pivoted from putting gear to the test, to creating masks for our YETI community. We’re proud to support by donating masks to our friends in the food and beverage industry. So far, we’ve safely shipped off over 3,000, and we’re not stoppin’ anytime soon.


We are so humbled that those on the frontlines turn to our drinkware to keep their water cold and coffee hot during their hospital shifts. We understand personal protective equipment (PPE) is hot, and the days are long. So we worked with hospitals to donate nearly 20,000 pieces of YETI drinkware to those giving so much of themselves. We’re so grateful to you all.


I’m a pharmacist. Can I get a discount?

Not at this time.

How can I get a YETI mask?

Masks are not for sale and have been provided on a donation basis only.

Can I buy a mask? / Will you be selling the masks on

No, masks are not for sale.

What are the masks made out of?

YETI t-shirts that are no longer in circulation. The fabric content is 100% cotton or a blend of 60% cotton/ 40% poly. These are not medical-grade masks.

How do I wear, wash, and care for my cloth mask?

For further information on how to wear, wash, and care for your cloth mask, please follow CDC’s guidance here.