We stopped by Passalacqua Winery in Healdsburg, CA to catch the tail-end of harvest season, when the grapes are ready to be picked and the wine-making process begins. Navigating Covid-19 and the recent California forest fires has brought new challenges, but it also means new opportunities.

Meet Jessica Boone, Winemaker

“I believe in a hands-on approach to winemaking… in my opinion, the only way to make wine is by getting my hands dirty (or purple).”

- Jessica Boone
Winemaker, Passalacqua Winery


All their grapes are picked by hand in order to be as gentle with the clusters as possible. They also pull out all the leaves as well as any fruit that doesn’t meet their standards.

Their Pick: Silo 6G® Water Cooler

With six gallons of cold water in tow, this is how the team stays hydrated during long hours in the vineyards.

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Not Enough Hours in the Day

They schedule all of their picks at night to ensure the grapes are cold when they arrive at the winery.

Their Pick: LoadOut® Bucket

Passalacqua Winery uses YETI buckets to hold and transfer dry ice, which helps keep the fruit cold and preserved.


Sip, Swirl, Share

Harvest can be long days, but Jessica says she is “invigorated by the anticipation of someday seeing these wines being shared around a table full of good food and great friends.”

Their Pick: Rambler® Wine Tumblers

Glass is nice, but when venturing too far from the tasting table, enjoy your wine in a wine tumbler that won’t break and can keep the perfect temperature.

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