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Can I use my Silo for hot liquids?

Silo is optimally designed for keeping water cold. But sometimes circumstances call for a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. It is okay to use Silo for hot liquids with a few important precautions.

  • Transport with care: moving a heavy cooler with up to 6-gallons of hot liquids should be kept to a minimum. Use caution when moving it, ensure both T-Latches are engaged, use the cooler’s LipGrip Handles, keep it level, and ensure the spigot faces away to prevent accidentally activating it.
  • Spigot Flows Fast: pour with care as the Silo Water Cooler may keep hot temperatures for a long time and our spigot has a high flow rate, which may also impact the “shutoff” time (it may take a little longer to stop flowing with hot contents).
  • Some Liquids Stain: Coffee (and other liquids) may stain and make the cooler more difficult to clean.

How do I care for/clean my Silo?

Use a mild dish soap and water to clean out any grime or grit. For tougher cleaning, use warm water, dish soap and a dish brush to scrub your Silo. Additionally, you can allow your Silo to soak or use a pressure washer to remove any lingering stains – just be sure you remove the SurePour Spigot before cleaning.


How do I properly clean the SurePour Spigot?

Keeping your SurePour spigot clean ensures a smooth pour. To clean, disassemble the spigot, wash pieces in warm water, dry, then reassemble. Be sure to reassemble the spigot correctly. See picture and diagram below.

Silo Spigot CleaningSilo Spigot Cleaning


How big is the Silo?

Silo holds 6 gallons of water. You can find a detailed sketch and dimensions on the Silo here.


How much does Silo weigh?

An empty Silo 6G weighs 16.5 lbs.


Is it okay to put Gatorade, punch, margaritas, mixed drinks inside my Silo?

Yes. Liquids like sports drinks, punch etc. will go great in the Silo 6G and stay refreshingly cold. Please note that frozen drinks / liquids will not flow optimally through the spigot, which has a built-in screen cap. Also keep in mind that some liquids are known for staining and those may make cleaning the cooler more difficult.


Is there a way I should carry Silo when transporting it?

Yes, using the integrated LipGrip Handles, we recommend carrying the Silo Water Cooler with the spigot facing away. Because you may unintentionally activate the spigot when carrying Silo and spill some ice cold water on yourself, it is best to face it away.


How do I secure the Silo Water Cooler to a flat surface?

We offer the Silo Mount accessory, which includes a mounting plate, straps and all necessary hardware.


What other accessories are available for Silo?

Silo is compatible with the Tundra® Tie-Down Kit, Bear Proof Locks, Corner Chock Set, Security Cable Lock & Bracket, and Beverage Holder.