What size YETI Rambler Bottle(s) will fit in the sling?

The Rambler Bottle Sling™, Large is optimally sized for 26oz and 36oz YETI Rambler Bottles.


What YETI products will it attach to?

The Rambler Bottle Sling attaches to any YETI product with our HitchPoint Grid, which includes all of our Hopper family of soft coolers, and Camino Carryall tote bag. Visit here for detailed instructions


Is the Rambler Bottle Sling insulated?

No. While there is foam in the walls and bottom (including an EVA molded bottom) for added durability and stand-up-ability, the Rambler Bottle Sling's primary use is for carrying our Rambler Bottles, which are vacuum insulated.


Is the front pocket waterproof?

No, the pocket is made of a stretch woven fabric and has an open top.


Can you / How do you remove the back buckles?

Yes, when carrying the Rambler Bottle Sling with shoulder strap, we recommend you remove the back buckles for maximum comfort. Please ensure you store them in a secure place for when you use the sling with our Hopper soft coolers or Camino Carryall tote bag. Similarly, when using on a cooler or bag, we recommend you remove the shoulder strap. Visit here for detailed instructions.


Is the strap adjustable? What is the maximum it will adjust to?

Yes. The strap has two sliding adjusters and extends to approximately 50-inches and shortens to approximately 30-inches.