YETI Coolers, LLC has received patents for many of our innovations. These patents protect YETI Coolers, LLC’s inventions and the extensive resources YETI Coolers, LLC devotes to research, development and design. In accordance with 35 USC 287(a), YETI Coolers, LLC provides notice that the YETI® products listed below are protected by the associated patents listed below. The following list of YETI products and patents is not all-inclusive. The YETI products listed below and additional YETI products may be protected by one or more additional patents and pending patents in the U.S. and elsewhere.

T-Rex® Lid Latches

U.S. Patent Nos. D712720, D712721, D712722, D712723, D714125, 8910819, 9187232, 10046900

Tundra® Cooler (YT35, YT45, YT50, YT65, YT75, YT105, YT110, YT125, YT160, YT250, YT350, YT420)

U.S. Patent Nos. D712720, D712721, D712722, D712723, D714125, 8910819, 9187232, 9694521, 9834342, 10046900

Tundra Haul®

U.S. Patent Nos. D863892, D863893, D869244, D889208

Roadie® Cooler (YR20)

U.S. Patent Nos. D712720, D712721, D712722, D712723, D714125, 8910819, 9187232, 9834342, 10766672

YETI V Series™

U.S. Patent No. 10676267

YETI TANK® Cooler (45, 85)

U.S. Patent Nos. D722474, D722475

Rod Holster

U.S. Patent Nos. D727457, D731614

HOPPER® and HOPPER® Two (20, 30, 40)

U.S. Patent Nos. D732899, D732348, D732349, D732350, D752347, 9139352, D786559, D786560, D786561, D786562, D787187, D797454, D797455, D805851, D808655, D808730, D809869, D811746, 9139352, 9796517, 9902548, D821825, 10029842, D830132, D830133, D830134, D824731, D821825, 10442599, D866186, D871074, D871765, D880862, D882956

COLSTER® Beverage Holder

U.S. Patent Nos. D752397, D780530, D779891, D780531, D780532, D780533, D779892, D779285, D786025, D826003, D829058, D888505

YETI ICE™ (1 LB, 2 LB, 4 LB)

U.S. Patent Nos. D741919, D741920, D783062, D788192, D788829, D795313, D797165, D797166, D797821, D851690

MOLLE Bottle Opener

U.S. Patent Nos. D741674, D741673

Rambler® Bottles and Lids (18 oz., 26 oz., 36 oz., 64 oz.)

U.S. Patent Nos. D774837, D783367, D783368, D774363, D784775, D781662, D782881, D760586, D781146, D780577, D781145, D788544, D790285, D794397, D795019, D795020, D799906, D799907, D799908, D803632, D804254, D804255, D804256, D805852, D807125, D807126, D819410, D820650, D831436, D823068, D824218, D823646, D823069, D843212, D856757, D875479, D872542, D878874, D889913

Rambler® Tumblers (20 oz., 30 oz.)

U.S. Patent Nos. D804905, D808218, D813605, D812432, D812979, D814242, D886525, D886526

Rambler® Lowball

U.S. Patent Nos. D820046, D839676, D839677, D839049, D842038

Rambler® Bottle Cup Cap (5 oz.)

U.S. Patent Nos. D836388, D836389, D871133

Rambler® Straw Lid

U.S. Patent No. D808802

Rambler® Bottle Straw Cap

U.S. Patent Nos. D808713, D811162, D812970, D821809, D821135, D821809

Rambler® Bottle Chug Cap

U.S. Patent Nos. D814928, D816493, D817170, D819396, 10669081

Rambler® Bottle Hotshot Cap

U.S. Patent Nos. D883737, D883738

Rambler® Bottle MagDock Cap

U.S. Patent No. D881640

Rambler® Magslider™ Lid

U.S. Patent Nos. D751339, D761619, D751340, D751341, D804905, D808218, D815893, D824212, 10124942, 10232993

Rambler® Jugs, Lids, and Accessories (Half Gallon, One Gallon)

U.S. Patent Nos. D787893, D787894, D802419, D802994, D824217, D832700, D832704, D840195, 10479585, D876905

Rambler® Handles (10 oz., 20oz., 30 oz.)

U.S. Patent Nos. D812984, D812985, D812986, D812987, D812979, D814242, D813605, D812988, D812989, D812432, D820046, 10034580

Rambler® 10 oz. Stackable Mug

U.S. Patent No. 10390659

Rambler® 14 oz. Mug

U.S. Patent No. 10390659, D882343

Rambler® 24 oz. Mug

U.S. Patent No. 10390659

Rambler® 16 oz. Stackable Pint

U.S. Patent No. 10390659

Rambler® 10 oz. Wine Tumbler

U.S. Patent No. 10390659

Hopper Flip® (8, 12, 18)

U.S. Patent Nos. 9139352, D798670, D799277, D799905, D799276, D801123, D802373, D809869, D817106, D817107, D815496, D814879, D829244, 10143282, D840761, D840763, D840762, D840764, 10384855, D859934, D862177, D862528, 10442599, 10577167

Hopper Backflip™ 24

U.S. Patent Nos. D848219, D848220, D848221, D848222, D848223, D848798, D849486, 10442599

YETI Brick® Bottle Opener

U.S. Patent Nos. D805866, D805867, D805868, D806167

PANGA® Bags (28, 50, 75, 100)

U.S. Patent Nos. D808172, D808173, D808174, D808175, D808225, D825276, D840689, D840687, D844992, D844975, D844976, D844977, D844978, D844979, D853115, D854312, D854322, D851400, 10736391

LoadOut® Bucket and Accessories

U.S. Patent Nos. D816285, D815786, D815787, D815788, D817575, D820542, D819910, D818660, D818661, D819288, D824674, D854270, 10597191, 10597191

LoadOut GoBox® and Accessories

U.S. Patent Nos. D840150, D838983, D872478

Silo® 6G and Accessories

U.S. Patent Nos. D830122, D830123, 10046885, D835470, D839661, D835471, D835946, D835947, D835472, D830116, D887789, 10138047, D843180, 10526130

Camino® Carryall

U.S. Patent Nos. D822987, D822997, D822998, D823602, D823601, D822999, D851404, D853728, D859812, D859813, D859814, D859815, D861338, D860634, D877514, D887699

Hondo® Base Camp Chair

U.S. Patent Nos. 10194749, D843151, D843152, D843150, D850810, D856091, 10743670

Trailhead™ Camp Chair

U.S. Patent No. 10722034

Sidekick Dry®

U.S. Patent No. D855994

Lowlands® Blanket

U.S. Patent Nos. D862118, D862119, D874146, D874147, D874148, D878109

Boomer Dog Bowl

U.S. Patent Nos. D869241, D871159, 10729261

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