What is a YETI Panga Submersible Duffel?

It’s the airtight submersible gear fortress you can haul anywhere. The Panga Submersible Duffel is YETI’s first non-insulated piece of gear that lives up to the standard of being built for the wild. It’s designed for extended backcountry trips, fly fishing adventures in far off places, whitewater trips down the biggest rivers, or any adventure where you need to keep gear dry and protected.


What does submersible mean?

Submersible means this bag is absolutely airtight — nothing gets in, no gear goes out. We tested the Panga extensively, including submerging it underwater at a depth of one meter for roughly 30 minutes, to ensure it will keep your gear dry. We want to make sure you continue to have the same performance adventure after adventure, so we recommend testing your Panga at home before taking off into the wild. To test the airtight seal, close the zipper completely and place pressure onto the bag. Listen for any air that might have broken the seal or material. If you hear or notice any air leaks, make sure zipper is fully closed and then test again. If the leak persists, please fill out our Warranty Request form.


Is there a warranty on the Panga bags?

The YETI Panga bags come with a three year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.


How strong are Panga duffels?

Strong. The ThickSkin™ Shell material, EVA molded bottom, MetalLock™ Hardware, reinforced QuickGrab™ Lash Points, and HydroLok™ Zipper (which you can also find on the Hopper™ coolers) are all tested to exceed the worst we could throw at these duffels. This includes going overboard, packing-in, pitching camp, and making it home again in one piece.


Is the Panga insulated?

Nope. The Panga is not a cooler and has no insulating properties. It is a gear bag that will keep you gear dry and protected for any expedition you want to go on.


What size Panga should I buy?

Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out which size will work for you.

Panga Duffel Size Chart


What can I pack in my Panga?

Anything you want to keep dry and away from the elements, with the exclusion of food and drink — use a Tundra® or Hopper for that. We use it for waders, clean clothes, decoys, ammunition, jackets, fly rods, and any other gear we want to stash when we’re off the grid.


How do I clean my Panga?

A mixture of dish soap and water will do the trick. Rinse with fresh water and then thoroughly wipe the inside dry with a cloth or paper towel. Leave the HydroLok Zipper open for several days to ensure all moisture has dried. Taking care of your HydroLok Zipper is also extremely important. Each Panga comes with a small tube of lubricant. Make sure you apply this lubricant following cleaning, before storage, and anytime the zipper feels stiff. Make sure your zipper is always free of dirt, grime, or other debris for maximum performance and life. Always store your Panga in the fully closed position, making sure the inside is completely dry.


Is the Panga TSA-certified to carry on?

The Panga 50 is carry-on compatible for most airlines. Each airline has their own policy so please check before traveling with your Panga*. When traveling, keep in mind that the Panga’s HydroLok Zipper does not have a lock or locking mechanism.


*YETI is not responsible for damage caused by airlines.

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