What is a Lowlands Blanket and what makes it different?

The Lowlands Blanket upgrades the backcountry post-up and outdoor concert alike into a personal base camp. The variety of use cases range from ground cover, shade, seat protector, and of course blanket. Lowlands is intensely durable, waterproof, and comfortable. It’s an all-in-one blanket that you’ll want on any adventure.


What makes this blanket unique?

What we set out to do is to create a blanket that pushed boundaries of what is possible in terms of an all-in-one blanket. Lowlands utilizes a patent-pending construction method that balances game-changing durability and waterproofness, with a one-of-a-kind insulation package that grants the user a padded experience for comfort.


Is there a warranty on the Lowlands Blanket?

The YETI Lowlands Blanket comes with a three year limited warranty for manufacturer defects. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.


How do you clean the Lowlands Blanket?

The Lowlands Blanket was built durably and with the intent to make taking care of it simple. Unlike many blankets, you can throw it in with other like laundry. Machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low, no ironing, fabric softener or dry cleaning.


How much does the blanket weigh?

The blanket by itself weighs 5 lbs., 12.1 oz or 2.61 kg. The storage bag weighs 0 lbs, 14.67 oz or 0.416 kg.


What materials are used in the blanket?

The blanket utilizes a two-layer construction:

  • Top Layer (comfort side): 65% Polyester / 35% Rayon
  • Insulation: 100% Polyester
  • Bottom Layer (utility side): 100% Polyester

Is the Lowlands Blanket flame retardant?

Flame Retardants have not been added to the blanket, as most flame retardants are considered harmful chemicals to humans and known to cause cancer, reproductive harm or birth defects. Like other textiles, if an ember falls on the blanket it may incur damage to the material.


Is the Lowlands Blanket puncture resistant?

Avoid sharp objects since they can puncture and cut fabric. We recommend that you observe and clear out any potentially sharp objects in the area where you plan to sit/lay/use Lowlands.


Will the Lowlands blanket fade in the sun?

You should not leave your Lowlands blanket out in the sun when it is not in use. Prolonged sun exposure will fade your blanket.


What temperature is the Lowlands insulated rated to?

The Lowlands blanket is not temperature rated. EN13537 is the industry standard for temperature ratings for sleeping bags. This European standard requires that the product have a zipper closure that encloses the individual(s) using the product.


How do I fold the blanket to get it into the bag?

You can fold the blanket up in a variety of ways to fit it into the bag. We recommend either folding the blanket in halves until it is sized to fit into the bag, or folding in thirds longways, then folded in half a few times.


Is the whole blanket waterproof?

The dark gray layer is the waterproof layer, and when we say waterproof, we mean it. The comfort layer or quilted layer, while coated with DWR, it not waterproof. The included carry bag, while utilizing the same waterproof material as the blanket, is water-resistant due to the seamed construction.


Can this blanket be staked down?

Yes, the blanket comes with 6 utility loops so that you can stake it or hang it.


Where did the name Lowlands come from?

The Lowlands are a low level of country, often an area that is associated with marshy and wet conditions to which this blanket is perfect for.

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