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What is a YETI LoadOut Bucket?

The LoadOut Bucket is the overbuilt, five-gallon addition to the marina, ranch, blind, or wherever else rugged storage is a necessity.


How strong are LoadOut buckets?

Really damn strong. The LoadOut Bucket walls are twice as thick as conventional buckets and are made out of rigid HDPE plastic. They’re built not to bow, break down, or crack, even with impact.


Is the LoadOut insulated?

Nope. The LoadOut Bucket not intended to keep your food or drinks cold.


Is the LoadOut food safe?

Yep. We first got the idea of the LoadOut Bucket at a crawfish boil years ago. We knew then that it needed to be able to haul fried chicken, sunflower seeds, and any other food we needed to get from here to there. So while the LoadOut Bucket is not insulated, it is food safe for anything you need to store.


Do LoadOut Buckets stack?

Yep, and unlike other buckets, condensation and pressure will never build up between buckets when stacked, which means they’ll always separate easily.


Does the LoadOut have UV protection?

Sure does. UV protection is part of the LoadOut construction. This adds a great deal of long term durability to the product, since extended sun exposure will degrade the wall strength over time.


How do I clean my LoadOut?

Just soap and warm water. Nothing fancy required.


What options and accessories are available for LoadOut?

We have three different accessories to outfit your LoadOut Bucket for whatever the wild has in store.

  • YETI LoadOut Lid – Clear material and unique hex pattern reinforces its structure, making it durable and able to withstand up to 300 lbs. of pressure. Plus, the gasket seal keeps the water out while making it easy to get on and off.
  • YETI LoadOut Caddy – Drop in, durable organizational system with handle that easily pops in to fit with the LoadOut Lid.
  • YETI LoadOut Utility Gear Belt – Make your bucket a grab-and-go tool box. The utility gear belt has four deep pockets for ultimate storage and a secure system to keep your gear belt in its place.

What colors does the LoadOut Bucket come in?

You can find it in white, desert tan, seafoam, and charcoal.


How does the LoadOut perform when filled with hot water?

Perfectly but use caution. Misuse of hot liquid can lead to injury or burns.


What fits inside of the LoadOut?

It’ll hold five gallons of whatever you need to store. We’ve put reels, sunflower seeds, bait, casting nets, spent shells, BBQ sauce, spare tools, and feed in there and it got the job done.


How much does the LoadOut weigh?

4.7lbs when empty.