What is a YETI Hopper®?

It's the ice-for-days, tough-as-nails soft cooler. The YETI Hopper is built to go the extra mile with its extremely portable design and construction. It's leakproof, puncture-resistant, able to keep ice for days, and ready to hit the trail, boat, or blind. This is one soft cooler that's anything but.


Is there a warranty on the Hopper?

The YETI Hopper comes with a three year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.


How long will the Hopper keep ice?

The Hopper, with its welded DryHide™ double-TPU Shell, thick ColdCell™ Insulation, and waterproof HydroLok™ Zipper provides serious cold-holding power. But due to all of the variables that affect ice retention, and because every adventure is different, we believe it is misleading to make specific claims about how long a cooler will hold ice.


If you want to maximize ice retention, check out our ice retention guide.


When I threw a bag of ice in my Hopper and my cheap cooler, the ice lasted longer in my cheap cooler. Why?

Just like the Tundra, the Hopper is designed to keep ice colder longer, but there are many variables that can affect your ice. This includes the ice quality, ice quantity, type of ice (crushed, block, cube), outside environment, exposure to direct sunlight, etc. Because of the extensive factors and no industry standard for ice retention, we don’t make specific claims about how long your ice will last in the Hopper. But we’ve done extensive testing on how to make your ice last longer, with everything from using rock salt to pre-chilling your cooler.


If you want to make the most out of your ice retention, please view our ice retention guide.


Can you put dry ice in a Hopper Soft Cooler?

Nope, not a good idea.


What size Hopper should I buy?

The Hopper was engineered for portability. Any size is the perfect on-the-go cooler for kayaking, floating the river, or short camping trips. Something to consider when choosing a size is that ideally you would want to fill the cooler with as much ice as possible, minimizing air space to achieve maximum ice retention. Therefore, if you only have a small number of items to keep cool, you would want to choose a smaller cooler or vice versa. The Hopper family includes Flip in three versatile sizes, the BackFlip backpack cooler, and one size of Hopper M30


Please see our dimension chart for measurements and capacity.


How many cans will fit in my Hopper?

With plenty of ice to help chill your drinks, here is the number of 12 oz. cans that will fit inside the YETI Hopper. Ideally you want to have an ice-to-contents ratio by volume of at least 2:1 (reflected in the below quantity).

  • Hopper Flip 8 - 6 cans
  • Hopper Flip 12 - 12 cans
  • Hopper Flip 18 - 20 cans
  • Hopper BackFlip 24 - 20 cans
  • Hopper M30 – 20 cans

How do I clean my Hopper?

A mixture of dish soap and water should do the trick. Rinse with fresh water and then thoroughly wipe the inside dry with a cloth or paper towel. Leave the HydroLok™ Zipper open for several days to ensure all moisture has dried. Taking care of your HydroLok Zipper is also extremely important. Each Hopper comes with a small tube of lubricant. Make sure you apply this lubricant following cleaning, before storage, and anytime the zipper feels stiff. Make sure your zipper is always free of dirt, grime, or other debris for maximum performance and life.


Always store your Hopper in the fully closed position, making sure the inside is completely dry.


WARNING: Do not machine wash. Do not dry in an oven or clothes dryer. Do not use bleach.


What is the best way to apply the zipper lubricant that comes with my Hopper?


Clean the zipper, removing sand, dirt, and other debris. Open the zipper and apply a thin layer of lubricant to the front and back surfaces of the top stop seal (the U-Dock™) and adjoining teeth, as shown. Wipe away excess lubricant. To extend the zipper life, reapply lubricant periodically, prior to prolonged storage periods, or anytime the zipper appears dry or sticks during use.


What options and accessories are available for my Hopper?

Accessorize your Hopper with the flexibility of the HitchPoint™ Grid. Easily fasten bottle openers, carabiners, key chains, or accessories through the nylon strapping. You can also outfit your Hopper with the MOLLE Bottle Opener and MOLLE Zinger.


For a complete list, please visit our Hopper Accessories page.


Why is my Hopper so stiff and hard to open?

Like a good pair of boots or a quality baseball glove, the Hopper takes a little time to break in. The extremely durable materials of the Hopper can make it feel rigid when first put into action. Loading and unloading contents will become easier as the materials relax with use.


The HydroLok Zipper is the best cooler zipper in the world, and with a little care and maintenance can last a lifetime. We recommend long-term storage with the zipper in the fully closed position to help protect the U-Dock™ seal. We also recommend regular application of the included zipper lubricant — especially when putting into storage — by carefully applying the lube to the U-Dock front, back, and inside.


Hopper M30

How is the Hopper M30 Soft Cooler different than its predecessor, the Hopper Two Soft Cooler?

This cooler delivers on a top customer request — a wider, easier opening. It leverages the power of magnets to create an ultra leak-resistant, fold-over closure to make getting in and out a breeze and increase insulation power by 20%.


Is it made of the same material as past Hopper Coolers?

You bet. The Hopper M30 Soft Cooler is engineered with the same waterproof exterior and high-quality, closed-cell foam interior as its predecessors.


Does the Hopper M30 use magnets?

Yes. The Hopper M30 uses magnets to create a ultra leak-resistant seal, and must remain completely clear of debris or any other obstruction.


Please note: Magnets may interfere with the operation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators.


Is the Hopper M30 Leakproof?

The Hopper M30 is ultra-leak resistant.

The Hopper M30 uses our new patent-pending magnetic technology for the opening. Leak prevention has been a key feature of our Hopper soft cooler family since day one and we test every single cooler off the production line to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. In order for the Hopper M30 to pass, the interior liner must be 100% leakproof and the magnetic closure must retain no less than 99.9% of 28-pounds of water while on its side (the amount of water is meant to mimic a scenario where the cooler is filled only with ice and that ice eventually melts into water).


What’s the best way to clean it?

A mixture of mild soap and warm water should do the trick. Rinse the entire cooler with fresh water, then thoroughly wipe the inside dry with a cloth or a paper towel. If you’d like you can prop it open overnight to ensure all of the moisture evaporates before storage, but please make sure it’s flipped upside down when drying out. Please do not leave the cooler propped open and unattended in the presence of children and animals.


How should I store it?

Store it clean, unbuckled, completely dry, and with the magnetic closure sealed. This will keep your cooler in great shape for years to come.


What’s the easiest way to carry it?

While on the move, buckle down the fold-over closure and keep the cooler upright.


Can you put dry ice in the Hopper M30 Soft Cooler?

Nope, not a good idea.

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