Hondo FAQ

Is there a warranty on the Hondo?

The YETI Hondo comes with a five year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.


Where can I use this chair?

You can take Hondo wherever you want to create your own Base Camp, whether it's in the stadium parking lot, in the backwoods, or on the beach.


What are the full Hondo dimensions?

Folded (LxWxH): 7 1/8" x 26 ½" x 32 ¼"

Unfolded (LxWxH): 30 1/8" x 26 ½" x 35"


What is the Hondo's weight limit?

The chair is warranted to support up to 500 lbs.


How do I clean the Hondo chair?

Cleaning the chair is simple. For general cleaning (dust, dirt, etc.) simply hosing it off with water will suffice. For stubborn dirt and debris on the frame or fabric, scrub the frame/fabric with a simple mixture of mild soap and water using a soft bristle brush.


What size beverages/cups does the Hondo cup holder fit?

The Hondo cup holder can fit cans, longnecks, and several members of the Rambler® family including the 10 oz. Lowball, 10 oz. Wine Tumbler, 14 oz. Mug, and 20 oz. and 30 oz. Tumbler.


Is it puncture resistant?

No, extremely sharp objects will puncture the fabric, but due to the weave, only large tears or cuts will affect the stability of the mesh. Should that happen, we offer service kits to help with repairs.


Is it fire resistant?

Flame Retardants have not been added to the chair, as most flame retardants are considered harmful chemicals to humans and known to cause cancer, reproductive harm or birth defects. Similar to other textiles, if an ember falls on the chair it may incur damage to the material. However, if damage does occur, we offer seat & back service kits to help with repairs.


Will its color fade in the sun?

Very minimal. Some amount of fading should be expected, but we use the highest-quality materials and UV-resistant additives to ensure the best possible performance. To keep this chair protected long-term, store it in Hondo's Carry Tote.


What is covered under warranty with the chair?

The Hondo warranty covers all manufacturer defects for the 5-year period. See YETI Warranty for specific details.