How to Use Dry Ice in a YETI Cooler

A major benefit of the Tundra® and Roadie® Hard Coolers, or YETI TANK® Ice Bucket is its dry ice compatibility. When used in your YETI Hard Cooler, dry ice can keep food and drinks cold and frozen longer than regular ice. There are a few hints and tricks to using dry ice safely and effectively in a cooler.


What is Dry Ice?

Instead of jumping into how to use dry ice, it’s best to understand exactly what dry ice is. Simply put, dry ice is the frozen form of carbon dioxide and its -109° F temperature makes it perfect for freezing quickly and keeping items frozen. Dry ice gives off almost three times the cooling power per pound than regular ice, and this added benefit provides dramatic weight savings when packing your YETI hard cooler or ice bucket.


How to Handle and Use Dry Ice

Using dry ice alone or combining with regular ice is completely safe, but there are handling precautions to keep in mind. Because dry ice is so cold, handle it with protective leather or cloth gloves (oven mitts or hand towels also work) to prevent freezer burn. It is also wise to keep dry ice away from small children.


One other safety item to keep in mind is ventilation. Because dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, when it melts, or sublimates, it transitions directly from being a solid to becoming carbon dioxide gas. It is not harmful, but without proper ventilation (example: riding in a closed vehicle), it can cause shortness of breath, and in extreme cases, loss of consciousness because the carbon dioxide will displace oxygen. The simple solution: store your cooler with dry ice in well-ventilated areas and make sure there is proper ventilation during transportation.


How Much Dry Ice Do You Need For Your YETI Cooler?

Use one 10-inch/10-pound block of dry ice per 15-inch length section of your Tundra and Roadie Hard Coolers and YETI TANK Ice Bucket. This will ensure everything is kept frozen, including regular ice, for at least 24–48 hours.


How Do You Pack A YETI Cooler With Dry Ice?

  • Wrap each block of dry ice in several sheets of newspaper before packing.
  • You can pack dry ice on top of or below food, but it will keep longer if packed on top (for convenience, many people pack it on bottom).
  • You can use dry ice in combination with cubed or blocked water ice.

How You Can Make Dry Ice Last Longer in Your YETI Cooler

  • When packing the cooler with dry ice, try to minimize air pockets (empty space) in your YETI. Less air space will keep dry ice frozen longer. Water ice can be used to fill this space.
  • As with regular ice, try to keep your YETI in the coldest temperature spot available. Covering your cooler with a blanket or sleeping bag will help preserve all ice longer.

Can You Use Dry Ice in Every YETI Cooler?

The short answer is no. Dry ice is only recommended in the Tundra and Roadie Hard Coolers, as well as, the YETI TANK Ice Buckets. It is not suitable for use in Rambler Drinkware, the YETI V-Series, or the Hopper Soft Cooler Family


This means that if you're planning your next trek with a Tundra or Roadie Hard Cooler, or a TANK Ice Bucket, don't shy away from packing some dry ice inside. Just remember to follow the guide for handling and using dry ice, tips for how much dry ice you’ll need, and which YETI coolers you can put dry ice in. YETI coolers offer simple, safe, super-convenient dry ice accommodation for all of your adventures, whether they take you to the edge of the map or the edge of your backyard.

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