YETI coolers are over-engineered to conquer the outdoors. With a rugged exterior shell, our Tundra®, Roadie®, and TANK® coolers will handle everything Mother Nature throws your way. But don't forget about your YETI's interior; our coolers are just as tough inside as they are outside...even when it comes to dry ice. YETI coolers keep your food and beverages as cold as science allows. And when you add dry ice, your goods stay cold even longer.


If you're planning your next trek with a YETI Tundra®, Roadie®, or TANK® cooler, don't shy away from packing some dry ice inside. Just remember to follow some common-sense safety precautions: keep the area around your YETI cooler well-ventilated, always wrap your dry ice with several sheets of newspaper, and keep the little ones away from dry ice. YETI coolers offer simple, safe, super-convenient dry ice accommodation for all of your adventures, whether they take you to the edge of the map or the edge of your backyard.