How do I install my Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion?

1. Clean surface of cooler lid with warm water and soap, then let itdry completely.
2. Peel back the adhesive halfway and align the logo on the cushion with the logo on the cooler to ensure proper alignment.
3. Press down top corner of cushion and slowly pull back remaining adhesive backing while pressing to adhere.
4. Press firmly on all edges of seat cushion.

Is the Tundra® Cooler Seat Cushion removable?

Nope. Once you apply the seat cushion, it’s there to stay.

Is the Tundra® Cooler Seat Cushion waterproof?

There aren’t currently any plans to bring this cooler back. When it’s out of stock, it’s gone for good.

How much weight can the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion hold?

Any weight your Tundra® Cooler can handle, this seat cushion can too.

Which Tundra® Coolers are compatible with the Tundra® Cooler Seat Cushion?

It plays nice with our Tundra® 35, Tundra® 45, and Tundra® 65 Coolers.

Is the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushionpuncture resistant?

It won’t puncture easily, but it’s not puncture proof.

Why isn’t the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushionoffered for the Tundra Haul®Wheeled Cooler?

We’re big fans of “safety first”. So we don’t recommend sitting on our wheeled coolers, and don’t plan on making seat cushions for them.

Will sunscreen, alcohol, or other chemicals damage or discolor the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion or adhesive?

You’re in the clear. These substances won’t harm the seat cushion. Also, this cushion is really easy to clean. Just wipe it down with warm water and soap and you’re good to go.

Is this Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushionas comfortable as the old cushion style?


I pulled my Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion off my cooler. How do I reapply it?

You must be strong. Our Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion is not designed to be removed. So if you managed to pull it off, it’s off for good and we recommend you replace it.

Will other Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion colors be offered in the future?

We’re sticking to a classic color for now.

Is the Tundra® Cooler Seat Cushion designed to be used as a standing/casting platform?

It’s made for sitting, not standing.

Is the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion abrasion resistant (for example: keys on belt loop scratched it)?

Yep, it’s very abrasion resistant.

Can the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion withstand any weather conditions? e.g. direct sunlight, rain, high winds?

You bet. We tested the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion to a high level of UV and water resistance.

Will the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion be available in different thickness levels?

No, we’re confident in the comfort of this design.

Is the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion mildewproof?

No, but it is water-repellant.

What can I clean the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion with?

Warm water and mild soap are all it takes. Or, simply hose it down and let it air dry. It can handle the pressure.

Will the Tundra®Cooler Seat Cushion be released in multiple colors?

We’re sticking to a classic color for now.

Will it be available in the UK/Canada/Australia?

You bet. We recommend signing up to be notified so you can be the first to know when it’s up for grabs.

Will the old cushions still be available?

Sure will. Just peruse YETI.com or any of our authorized dealers to get your mitts on one (or many).

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