Is the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler a limited-edition product?

Yes, this cooler is only here for a short time.

How long will the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler be available?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler is a limited-edition product, so it’s first come, first served. Get your own before they’re gone.

Will I be able to purchase an XV Tundra® 50 Cooler after it goes out of stock?

There aren’t currently any plans to bring this cooler back. When it’s out of stock, it’s gone for good.

Will YETI® be releasing any other limited-edition coolers this year?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler will be our only anniversary product offering this year.

Where can I buy the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler?

You can catch this limited-edition cooler at any YETI® retail store or at YETI.com while supplies last.

Can I find the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler at a local dealer?

No, this limited-edition product is only available at YETI® retail stores or at YETI.com.

What countries is the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler available in?

US and Canada on YETI.com.


What is different about this cooler?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler is a limited-edition product celebrating our 15-year anniversary with a nod to the beginning days of YETI®. For this cooler, we brought back the two-tone design in heritage-inspired colors and added a unique traction pad and stainless-steel tag. Additionally, a portion of XV Tundra® 50 Cooler sales will benefit the IGFA (International Game Fish Association).

What is so special about the Tundra® 50 Cooler?

The Tundra® 50 is a size that we only bring back for special occasions. It has a similar footprint to the Tundra® 45 but has a deeper cube shape as opposed to the longer design of current Tundra® coolers. This results in a smaller footprint that takes up less of your valuable deck space and makes for an ideal casting platform, seat, and cooler. Its increased height also accommodates taller items such as wine bottles.

What color is the base?

The base is charcoal – similar to the charcoal you see on a Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler.

Can I buy different color latches for the Tundra® I have now?

Yes, we offer this exclusively through our YETI® Retail Stores.

Will there be replacement parts in this color combo?

Yes, you can order replacement parts for the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler, including its blue latches, traction pad, and handles.

Is this the only color option available for the Tundra® 50 Cooler?

Yes, this color combination is exclusive to the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler.

What’s on top of the cooler?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler features a traction pad that complements its limited-edition color combo. It is permanently attached to the cooler, and we don’t recommend removing it.

Does the cooler come with the traction pad already adhered to it? If so, can I order without the traction pad?

Yes, the traction pad already comes adhered to the cooler. We are only offering the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler with the traction pad.

Is there a seat cushion available that will fit this cooler, and can it be attached with the traction pad on the cooler?

Currently, we are not offering a seat cushion to go with the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler.

How many cans does the Tundra® 50 Cooler hold?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler holds 36 cans of beer with 26 pounds of ice using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume, or up to 40 pounds of just ice.

What are the dimensions and specs compared to the Tundra® 45, 65, and Haul?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler measures 24 ¼"L x 17 ½ “W x 18"H, making it similar in length and width to the Tundra® 45 and Tundra® 65 Coolers but slightly taller. The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler is smaller and slightly shorter than the Tundra® Haul.

Why should I buy the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler over the 45 or 65?

The XV Tundra® 50 Cooler is a limited-edition product celebrating 15 years of YETI® and comes in a size we rarely offer. The Tundra® 50 cooler is taller than the Tundra 45 or 65 and has a deeper, more cube-like shape.

Can this cooler be customized?

We are not offering customization on the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler at this time.

Why was the Tundra® 50 Cooler originally discontinued?

We discontinued the original Tundra® 50 Cooler so we could better support our Tundra® 45 and 65 cooler offerings.

Are you going to bring back the Tundra® 50 Cooler as a standard size sold on YETI.com?

No, not at this time.


Is this product eligible for any discount groups?

Because the XV Tundra® 50 Cooler is a limited-edition product it is not eligible for any discount groups.

Can this cooler be returned or exchanged under the normal policy?

If your product is damaged or defective, please contact our customer service team.


What is the organization that YETI® is supporting with sales of this cooler?

A portion of the sales from this limited-edition XV Tundra® 50 Cooler will support the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

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