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The YETI® Panga Waterproof Backpack is designed and built to meet the standards of its most rugged predecessor—the Panga Duffel. Earning the title of an airtight, submersible gear fortress, the Panga Waterproof Duffel set the status quo for the YETI Waterproof Backpack.

This waterproof backpack is designed for a comfortable carry that helps you travel light yet haul a load, and still be equally durable and impervious to downpours and dunks underwater. RF-welded seams ensure that on this backpack, what may typically be a vulnerable spot is one of the Panga™ Waterproof Backpack's most reliable features. Combined with the toughest waterproof zipper in the world, you needn’t shy away from going waist-deep in any adventure.