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Staying Prepared For Any Adventure

Being prepared for any adventure is a necessity when nature is involved. When you need to get up and go without a fuss, you need to rely on gear that can do the same. Our gear for staying prepared is built to be ultra-durable, portable, and storable—and when the time comes—perform when it matters most. Season after season, find comfort in knowing you’ll have the tools at hand to be prepped for any excursion in the wild. Browse our bug out buckets and bags, airtight storage options, and versatile hard coolers for your preparedness needs.

LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket & LoadOut GoBox Waterproof Storage Case

LoadOut Bucket and GoBox

Are the LoadOut® 5-Gallon Bucket and GoBox™ 30 Hard Case Waterproof?

When paired with the Loadout Bucket Lid, the YETI LoadOut 5-Gallon Bucket creates a watertight seal to keep your contents safe and secure. The gasket, vent, and latches on the GoBox 30 Hard Case make it waterproof and dustproof to ensure the gear inside stays dry and protected. Either way, your gear is ready for you to grab and go with your bug out kit.

Why Use The LoadOut Bucket and LoadOut GoBox As Storage Containers?

Why Use The LoadOut Bucket and LoadOut GoBox As Storage Containers? Unable to say they’re unbreakable—the YETI® 5-gallon bucket and the waterproof hard case can both withstand serious impact without fear of bowing, breaking down, or cracking. Additionally, both are stackable—helpful when confronted with limited space. While the LoadOut Bucket is ideal as a food-grade storage bucket, the GoBox is a perfect waterproof storage box given that it is lockable and extra portable. Stock up on the supplies you need to be prepared with these rugged storage containers


Panga Waterproof Bags & Camino Carryall Tote

How Our Panga® Waterproof Bags and Camino® Carryall Tote Are Ideal For Packing Up and Staying Prepared For Anything:

With a waterproof landing pad made from the EVA molded bottom, feel free to store these bags in any location without worry of causing harm to your gear inside. These adventure bags are built to withstand the most extreme terrains and weather conditions, highlighted by attributes like being waterproof and completely submersible. They are designed with laminated, high-density nylon that is nearly impenetrable to nature’s assaults and a HydroLok™ Zipper that keeps water out and everything you’ve packed inside dry.

Are These Waterproof Bug Out Bags Insulated?

No, these waterproof bags are not coolers and have no insulating properties. You can use the backpack, duffels, and carryall for tool and gear storage, as your storage fortresses, or your grab-and-go bug out totes—just don’t expect it to ice down your drinks.

Panga and Camino

Tundra Hard Coolers

Tundra Hard Cooler

How Versatile Are YETI Hard Coolers?

Our Tundra® Hard Coolers are a great tool to always stay prepped, whether you need one to keep your provisions on ice for days, your food warm, or even to act as a storage container to keep your goods out of harm. YETI Hard Coolers are not only versatile in what you can store in them but are built to be extremely durable in any weather condition. With a virtually indestructible rotomolded construction and an interlocking hinge design, they are prepped and ready for any situation you find yourself in.

Our rugged hard coolers are built with up to three inches of insulation, combined with a freezer-style sealing gasket to ensure a design conducive to temperature retention. For best practices, learn how to keep ice longer in your cooler and how to handle and use dry ice in YETI Hard Coolers.


Sidekick Dry Waterproof Pouch

Why The SideKick Dry® Waterproof Pouch Is A Go-To For Staying Prepared:

When the HydroShield™ Magnetic Closure is fully closed—which means it's free of any debris or obstructions—your SideKick Dry Gear Pouch is completely waterproof. It is small but mighty in its ability to be on the go in a moment’s notice. Pack it full with your compact necessities and mini tools, attach it to your belt, tactical pack, or Hopper Soft Coolers and the Camino Carryall Bag via the MOLLE system, and have no fear of being unprepared.

You can help your SideKick Dry continue to perform at its best by storing it completely clean and with the magnetic closure entirely free of debris and/or obstructions.

Sidekick Dry

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