Add These 9 Products
to Your Backcountry Supplies

At YETI, we love gear. Obsessing over the most innovative, durable, and versatile gear is part of our DNA and we are continually trying to learn about new products that will improve our experiences in the wild.


Yet, this isn’t just for our own enjoyment—we want to equip you with the best gear so underperforming equipment never makes you spend less time in your favorite places. You won’t want to camp without this toolkit of products once you test and add them to your camping gear list.


Next Level Products to Add to Your Camping Gear List:

  • YETI Lowlands™ Ground Blanket
  • Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap
  • Nemo Equipment Helio™ Pressure Shower
  • YETI LoadOut™ Bucket
  • Goal Zero Portable Power Station
  • Ruffwear Knot-A-Hitch™
  • Camp Chef Compact Fire Ring
  • BioLite SunLight
  • YETI LoadOut™ GoBox

YETI Lowlands Ground Blanket:

The YETI Lowlands outdoor blanket is easily one of the most versatile pieces of camping gear on this list. A utility layer on one side that’s designed to be waterproof and repel dirt and fur, gives this piece of gear all-terrain features in a machine-washable, comfy blanket offering. This is your waterproof shower mat (fold into itself until only utility layer is on the outside), the floor of your tent, or a cozy blanket on a cool night. A must-have for camp.

Camping Gear List

Word to the wise: Stretch the blanket between your tent and either a tree or another tent and voilà—you have a camp living room.


Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap:

Doc Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap is good for just about any cleaning you need to do in the backcountry. If you don’t know about this brand, they stay true to their word when they say their products are “the best for human, home and Earth”, using only certified fair trade ingredients and packaged in a 100% recycled bottle.


A guide for you: Use Dr. Bronner’s cheat sheet to see how to use this all-in-one soap for your camp dishes, showering (hair, body, AND face), washing clothes, rinsing off the pups, and much more.


Nemo Equipment Helio Pressure Shower:

This packable shower will be your saving grace when camping. Unlike gravity showers, this easily-pressurized shower can hold a strong, continuous spray for 5-7 minutes with occasional pumps to reach all angles and give you a home-away-from-home feel. And don’t worry about its packing down ability, the Helio is less than 2 lbs and the cylinder shape is about the size of four dozen tortillas.


Pro tip: For a hot shower and the feeling of luxury at camp, easily refill the Helio with a 5-gallon bucket and then set it in the sun all day while you’re exploring.


If car camping is more your style, there is another portable shower on the market that you’ll love— the Waterport Day Tank. Mounted on your hitch, this shower gets heated all day in the sun on the back of the truck and at night, you’ll have a nice, hot shower to wash off the stains of a good day.


YETI LoadOut Bucket:

When in bear country, keeping any and all traces of food off the ground is a necessity. That’s where the YETI version of the 5-gallon bucket comes in and lends you an easy cleanup—while acting as your camp sink/compost bin. Just be sure to empty the bucket a fair distance away from camp after this use.

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When not on kitchen duty, use the LoadOut Bucket for refilling your shower or carrying kindling and your hatchet from the collection site to the fire. Ultimately, the bucket can literally hold anything you put in it, so fill the cargo hold with gear on the way to camp and on the way out.

A little advice: Stand in your LoadOut Bucket during your showers to keep your feet off the dirt and the campsite from getting too muddy.


Goal Zero Portable Power Station:

Despite the inherent opportunity to unplug and unwind while in the wilderness, occasionally your gadgets need a power supply. Whether it be camp lights, camera equipment, power tools, a fan, or all of the above, a Goal Zero’s Portable Power Station will be your best asset. These lithium powered generators produce no noise, nor fumes and they can collect and store solar energy when paired with the brand’s portable solar panels. This power station is ideal for car camping because of its weight, but an integral piece of gear for any extended stay in the wilderness.


Users’ feedback: A Goal Zero Power Station is known to last a whole weekend without a recharge, despite putting it to good use. Given this, pairing the power station with the solar panels will hold you over on power for an extended stay off the grid.


Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch:

No more tangled pups and most importantly, no more untangling them. With this campsite dog-hitching system, your dogs have the freedom to roam around your weekend hangout while you’re setting up the tent or on dish-washing duty. Ruffwear uses climbing-inspired components and hardware to secure your best friend between two trees or to a single post. You and your dog’s camping experience will be much improved using this Knot-a-Hitch tension system. All of our doggos recommend this product.


Did you know: This clutch system will work for both your dogs, as long as you have another carabiner and leash.


Camp Chef Compact Fire Ring:

Having this portable propane fire ring on your camping gear checklist is always a safe bet due to most local, state, and national parks having strict campfire rules. Although they are allowed for use in most fire-ban restricted areas—it’s best to check with the ranger station before you light up. By using the same source you’re grilling with, you can chill by the heat of the cured lava rocks and still roast those ‘mallows, without going through the process of managing a campfire.


Bonus to s’mores and sausages: This propane-fueled ring sports matchless ignition and smoke-free flames, so the old wives’ tale about “smoke following beauty” won’t be debated around this campfire.


BioLite SunLight:

Leave the triple-A’s at home and just toss in BioLite’s SunLight for much needed light at camp. With a solar panel integrated into this packable personal light, it offers self-reliant recharging. Efficiency is also a well-thought-out aspect of this piece of camping gear, highlighted by an integrated sundial and kickstand. BioLite considers the light the size of an ice-cream sandwich, so you’ll have no trouble storing a couple in the next piece of gear on this list to wayfind around a dark campsite.


The lowdown: If camping with little ones, put the SunLight on dim as a night light that won’t keep you up, but will make them feel at home. Easily lasts through the night for a few nights.


YETI LoadOut GoBox:

It seems like right before hitting the road to go camping, there are always those random pieces of gear that get stuffed in whatever empty spaces we can find. Now, that problem is a thing of the past. The GoBox is perfect as your camp gear organizer, whether you’re filling it with kitchen tools, camp implements, or your camera equipment. Due to being waterproof and ultra-durable, have no fear placing your 15” laptop in the Pack Attic™—as it fits perfectly.

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An inside scoop: Use the GoBox’s Divider as a cutting board in your camp kitchen. It’s food safe and durable enough to stand up to chopping, slicing, and mashing.

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