5 Outdoor Activities For Using Your YETI Backpack Cooler

5 outdoor activities for using your YETI backpack cooler

Any piece of gear that can serve more than one purpose isn’t just useful, it’s smart. It helps keep your pack light and adventures nimble. If you’re looking for the multitool of coolers (if you will), the Hopper BackFlip™ 24 is—according to us—our most versatile hard or soft cooler. The backpack cooler that frees up your hands for carrying extras, gripping handlebars, or carrying your surfboard? There shouldn’t be much of an argument about its versatility. It’s just as comfortable strapped to a skiff as it is on the trail, or even going through airport security.

  5 outdoor activities for using your YETI backpack cooler

The list of things you can use the YETI backpack cooler for is lengthy, but we’re here to highlight a few of the occasions that we make sure to have it on our backs. However, don’t just listen to us, take it from the pros who have put this product to the test—including spearfishing-champion Kimi Werner.


This ocean conservationist isn’t shy in showing how the BackFlip gives her a sense of freedom and mobility—whether she is putting in work or hanging with the family.


Like Kimi, you’ll be sure to find your own ways of using this versatile backpack cooler, but here are a few ideas from us to get you going.


1. Paddling around

An integrated MOLLE system on the front panel isn’t the only feature of this backpack cooler that should make it a mainstay for your on-the-lake escapades, but it certainly is the one that keeps it easily strapped to your board or kayak. We like to fill it with a few cold ones, supplemental ice, our sun shirt and sunscreen, and anything else we might need on the water. Or if you’re out there hoping to drop a line in the water, your fresh catch stacks perfectly in the 24 liter backpack cooler. Attach a SideKick Dry™ bag for the phone, keys, and wallet and you’ll be golden for a good day.


"The BackFlip’s tall build lets me stack it full with drinks or a fresh catch, and it won’t crease or crumple."

Kimi Werner, YETI Ambassador | Professional Fly Fishing Guide

2. Adventure Travel

With a size that fits in overhead bins, straps designed to distribute the weight comfortably, and a leak-proof zipper that keeps moisture either in or out (even if it’s on its side for the entire trip), you can clearly see this soft cooler is built to go places. Take it full of gear on the flight to a diving or fishing trip and have a cooler on the way back for your fresh catch.


Note that TSA requires your ice packs to be completely frozen when going through the screening checkpoint, so pair the backpack cooler with this ice and you’ll be good to go. Additionally, when planning an overseas trip, it is best to check with the country/airline’s restrictions regarding coolers and ice supplements.


"When I travel to warm places I want a cooler. The Hopper doubles as the perfect carry-on bag during my flights then converts into my essentially needed cooler the minute I arrive."

Jeff Currier, YETI Ambassador | Professional Fly Fishing Guide


3. Beach Treks

When you’re cruising to the beach on your bike or better yet, your YETI Falcon, you don’t want to be struggling to juggle your beach beers, afternoon snacks, and freshly-waxed surfboard. And if your trek to your favorite cove is a little further than expected, the YETI backpack cooler sits comfortably even with a full load—a relief to your back and shoulders. Next time you head to ride the waves or lay in the sun, the BackFlip will haul a day’s worth of supplies.

  5 outdoor activities for using your YETI backpack cooler

4. Kids' sporting events

If you have a kiddo that wants to follow in the footsteps of their favorite athlete—from Alex Morgan to Derrick Begay—while leaving you to manage everything else, you probably feel you could use an extra hand. This backpack cooler has been dubbed “Coach’s helper” by one owner for good reason. Whether you’re lugging drinks or those half-time orange slices with help from the BackFlip 24, you’ll still be able to herd the players and carry a bucket of balls to the field, or lead their horse and carry a rope can at the weekend’s rodeo.

  5 outdoor activities for using your YETI backpack cooler

5. Outdoor concert series

There’s lots to love about outdoor concerts. It’s easy to find a spot on the lawn, they’re usually free, and there’s no worries once you’re there. But getting there with all of your stuff can be the tricky part. Fortunately, the BackFlip backpack cooler keeps the drinks and snacks chilled—a necessity in the summer—while your hands are free to carry the carryall stuffed with a ground blanket, 30 SPF, 26 oz. bottle, or anything else you might need for an afternoon of good tunes.


Ultimately, the best way to see what your YETI backpack cooler can do is to test it out in the field. We gave you a few outdoor activities to get you started, but make the BackFlip your own and take it with you on your next adventure. Also, don’t forget to let us know your favorite things to do with the Hopper BackFlip 24 on your back.

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