10 Uses for your
YETI Camino Carryall

We believe the bag you use the most shouldn’t just be something to carry your gear in, but should be a piece of gear in itself. We are talking about a tool bag for the essentials. Something you can grab, put your necessities in, and go anywhere.


If you truly put your favorite tote to the test in the outdoors, you know that it won’t last longer than a few seasons, or even just a rainy afternoon. Ailing from built up grime from wet, sweaty, or muddy gear, weather-damaged fabric, or faulty handles and slings, most versatile bags aren’t designed with your outdoor adventures in mind.


Yet, there is a carryall uniquely built for the outdoor versatility you should demand from your go-to bag.


"Everything from groceries to towels, camp pots to ski gear goes in my Camino. It’s the best tote-anything, toss-and-go bag I use."

Cody Townsend, YETI Ambassador | Professional Skier


While we are not here to tell you all the reasons you should look at getting a YETI Camino, we want to give you 10 activities where you can use yours. Notable surfer, outdoorsman, and sustainability advocate—Keith Malloy—said it best in this short clip talking about how he uses his carryall for life in the surf and on land.


10 activities when your Camino Carryall should be at your side:

1. Beach Days: You’re heading out to the coast to catch some sun and waves. You need something to hold your beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, Rambler Bottle filled with ice water, frisbee, Bluetooth speaker, and your favorite hat. And if you do catch a few waves, the Camino doubles as the perfect wet-suit changing station. Not to mention saving the inside of your vehicle from wet and sandy clothes.

  What's Inside Camino Carryall 35 Beach Days

2. Garden transit: While it’s perfect for urban or backyard gardening, you’d think this carryall was built for harvesting your fresh romaine, strawberries, beets, and other garden goods. Transporting seedlings, tools, succulents, or medium-sized potted plants has never been easier—or quicker to clean up after. Fill it with soil without fear. Drop your Japanese gardener’s knife and hand pruners in your puncture-resistant Camino and go to town on those weeds.


"Not only is it built for the wild like all other YETI products, but we will find a bunch of ways to use it, from a beach bag, fishing bag to a grocery shopping bag. This is also a great way to avoid buying plastic shopping bags every time we do grocery shopping."

Jako Lucas, YETI Ambassador | Fly Fishing Guide


3. Rec-league softball: While you’re running around the bases and chasing down fly balls, your YETI Camino will be your fixture in the dugout. Muddy cleats, a dusty mitt, sweat-stained batting gloves, Rambler Colster®, or anything that you bring along with you to the softball game—now has a home in this durable carryall.


4. Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market: Your Camino Carryall is built perfectly for trips to snag farm-fresh—yet hardly clean—produce and flowers. Plus, it’s never been easier to hose off the loose dirt that ends up in your hauler. And don’t forget the YETI bag stands up when you set it on the fresh-cut grass to try the local honey and fresh sourdough loaf you’ve been eyeing.

  Whats Inside Camino Carryall 35 Farmers Market

5. Hitting the gym: Give whatever bag you’re currently using a break from your running shoes, yoga mat, towel, headphones, and your 36 oz. water bottle—rely on your YETI Camino to do the heavy lifting. One of the biggest reasons we use our Camino Carryall as a gym bag is because it is so easy to empty and clean if your bag houses your clothes after a workout.

  Whats Inside Camino Carryall 35 Wellness

6. Traveling with dogs: You know better than anyone that traveling anywhere—to the park or an extended trip—with your pooch is not always easy, but worth the effort. If it’s just a daytrip, leashes, waste bags, collapsible water bowls, and your old towels fit perfectly in the wide-open Camino. For longer road trips, having a bag with room to fit your Boomer Dog Bowls, their favorite toys, and grub in is a necessity. Pro tip: Lay out your Lowlands™ Blanket in the back of the SUV to keep the dogs from getting everything else as dirty as they are.


7. Managing the backyard bonfire Like Keith mentioned in the video, the YETI Camino is built with rugged material ideal for carrying your fire starters, wood, and extinguisher (water). Load it up with kindling, matches, and small log rounds to get the backyard or camp heat going and then fill the Carryall with water to douse the flames when it’s time for bed.


8. Fly fishing trips: This catch-all bag for a day on the water is a must for the fishermen and women in the crowd. Large items—like wet waders and boots—or anything that you used to stuff in random pockets can now find a place in your spacious Camino. Attach the SideKick Dry™ for a haven to hold your phone, keys, fishing license, and other things too valuable to get wet. On the other hand, if you are needing a little more gear organization on the skiff other than that overcrowded tackle box, check out this waterproof hard case from YETI.


"I love that I can put it down in a puddle, mud, my gross truck, the river bank or soppy boat bottom and I don’t have to worry about anything inside getting ruined."

Hilary Hutcheson, YETI Ambassador | Fly Fishing Guide/Climate Activist


9. Duck blind transport: When heading out to the blind in the morning, having enough hands for everything is always a problem. The sturdy bottom is built to let you set it in the mud, without worrying of grimy and wet equipment. Just toss your flashlights, two boxes of 2 shot, 12 oz. bottle filled with coffee, spinner decoy, and all the other necessities into your YETI Camino for its waterproof performance alone.


10. Rock climbing: The Camino is a necessity for those just starting to climb and boulder or those that have been sending routes for years. Great for housing your chalk bag, rope, climbing shoes, harness, quick draws, and extra layers. You’ll never have to look for another bag to toss your gear in after wearing out another one because you’ve found this one.


We want to hear how you are putting the YETI Camino to the test in the field and in your everyday life, so find your favorite uses and tell us about it. We love to hear of new adventures you bring your Camino Carryall along for.

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