YETI® Rambler® Mugs and Rambler 295 ml (10 oz) Wine, Rambler 295 ml (10 oz) Lowball, and Rambler 473 ml (16 oz) Stackable Pint are 25% off on YETI.com. This offer does not apply to customization service charges, licensed product charges, or Rambler 295 ml (10 oz), 591 ml (20 oz), or 887 ml (30 oz) Tumblers, Rambler 769 ml (26 oz) Stackable Cup, Rambler Colster Can Insulators, Rambler Bottles, or Rambler Jugs. Because limited quantities are available, this offer is only valid while supplies last on YETI.com. Not valid on previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotion. YETI has the right to end or modify any offer at any time.



Which products are available at this discounted price?

The YETI® 295 ml. Lowball, 295 ml. Wine Tumbler, 295 ml. Mug, 414 ml. Mug, 710 ml. Mug, and 473 ml. Pint, will be discounted at 25% off.

Is there something wrong with the products that are on sale? Is it because they are defective?

​No, nothing is wrong with these products. We’re simply making way for new lid innovations.

Are these models going away?

No, these fan-favorites are here to stay. Be on the lookout for new lid innovations.

Will this discount be available in my local stores?

Yes, this discount can be found at local retailers that sell YETI Rambler® Drinkware.​

I just placed an order for one of these models last week or a few days ago, can I get a partial refund for the difference?

Please contact YETI® customer service with questions about previous orders, see here for our return policy.

Is there a max on how many of these I can order?

No, there is no limit on the number of discounted items you can purchase.

Can I stack discounts?

​No, these discounted products cannot be combined with other discount programs or promotions. It also does not apply to customization service charges or licensed product charges.

Are these colors retiring?

Seasonal colors like Ice Pink, Copper, and Pacific Blue will retire. But our classic colors, Black, Navy, Seafoam, White, and Stainless, are here for the long haul.

Can I use a MagSlider™ Lid from another YETI Rambler® on these discounted Ramblers?

​Yes, YETI® sells three sizes of the MagSlider™ Lid which are compatible with all tumblers and mugs. Check out the details here.

What colors are available?

All colors will be available for this drinkware offer. Until they sell out, of course.

How long will these products be on sale?

Because limited quantities are available, this offer is only valid while supplies last on YETI.com

Is the sale online-only or can I purchase in store?

This offer will be available online and in YETI® retail stores.

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