YETI Everyday Bags


Our tote and backpack are built for organization, durability, and optimal comfort. You’ll appreciate the well-thought-out pockets, zippers, and padding. And tough, water-resistant materials to help get you to where you’re going without sweating the small stuff. And if the day calls for bringing your own lunch along, well we’ve got you covered there, too, with YETI lunch bags and boxes.

The daily grind is its own adventure, one that benefits from a bag built with extreme organization, durability, and comfort.


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Does the Everyday Backpack and Tote Bag Have Enough Space For A Laptop?

Yes, both the Crossroads™ Backpack and Tote Bag have a designated shock-absorbing laptop pocket and tablet sleeve. The everyday backpack fits most 39.4 cm or smaller laptops and the everyday tote bag is designed to fit 38.1 cm and smaller laptops.

How Many Liters Does the Everyday Backpack and Tote Bag Hold and Weigh?

The Crossroads Backpack is 23 liters of rugged materials and thoughtfully-designed organization. It has an empty weight of 1.36 kg, a structure arc built to keep the bag upright for loading and unloading, and custom shape shoulder straps for comfort all day.

The Crossroads Tote Bag has a 16-liter capacity to get you where you’re going without sweating the small stuff. Built with a sturdy-yet-comfortable design that sports laptop and tablet pockets and two collapsible interior pockets for your YETI reusable bottles, the handy tote bag is only 0.91 kg when empty.